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Mustafa and Hüseyin ERKAN brothers, who started business life with a gas station in Gölmarmara in 1972, they have increased in size on agricultural side due to the georaphical structure of the region.ERKAN brothers, who have aimed at processing side of the agricultural products after farming and tranding steps, have made their biggest investment on Sultanas processing factory, after cotton gin factory and natural olive wells.

ERKAN brothers, who have cotton fields of 2.000 decares,olive tress on 1.000 decares and sultanas vineyards on 1.000 decares in  Gölmarmara where is the most ferfile lands of the Aegean Region,opened a cotton gin factory with the capacity of 10.000 tons in 1996, built a natural olive wells in 2006 with the capacity of 1.500 tons and finally built their TURKISH SULTANAS & RAISINS processing factory due to the increasing planting of vineyard on the region in 2015 with the purpose of exportation to all over the  World. The factory has started to work in April 2016.

Our new brand factory, which will bring a new breath to the Turkish Sultanas Market, has been built to the very highest standars by depending on international quality standards of HACCP,BRC and IFS, on a total area of 15.000 m² including an  indoor area of 7.500 m². Our factory, which has one of the best modern production line, has the capacity of processing  of 15.000 tons/year. In addition to bulk production (5,10,12,5 14,15 kg.), we are able to produce from 25gr. to 3 kg. in retail  according to demand of our costumer.

As ERKAN brothers, we aim at creating a reliable name and brand is World market by combining our mantality with this  new modern Sultanas & Raisins processing facility.